The Governmental Learning Lab and its associates have an exclusive record and references in applying the Governmental Learning Spiral©, a unique method to design results-based learning events to overcome political blockades, create innovation and develop strategies. 


We have been applying the Governmental Learning Spiral© in multiple institutions from the public and private sector, including local and national governments, foundations and businesses, as well as international organizations, by supporting them in learning new insights from best practices, comparative experiences and evaluations in order to affect meaningful change.


In our long-standing history, over a hundred-fifty custom made (video-)conferences and symposia, workshops and roundtables, study tours and e-learning events as well as long-term learning processes have been designed according to the Governmental Learning Spiral©.


All these have been conducted in numerous developed and developing countries with thousands of participants from over a hundred nations around the globe. Our activities embrace all sectors of public goods, services and issues.


We continually update our theory, evaluate the impact of our method and regularly publish our latest insights in a range of languages. Our many publications are cited in major journals and on-line periodicals. As lecturers, we share our experiences in renowned academic and non-academic institutions worldwide.

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