Governmental Learning Spiral©

The Governmental Learning Spiral© is a method to advance the quality of learning based

decision making in public and private governance.


It is an iterative procedure that is structured in a ten stages template that is divided into three phases, whose application allows the designing and implementation of prearranged face-to-face as well as virtual small and large scale learning events in political settings. 


It has its scientific base in the theory of Governmental Learning, a heuristic model that is grounded on a multitude of disciplines such as pedagogy, psychology, sociology and political sciences, which explain the key dimensions of learning in governance.


The primary publication fully dedicated to the methodology of the Governmental Learning Spiral© and early attempts to conceptualize a theory of Governmental Learning is published by the World Bank in the book The Black Box of Governmental Learning in 2010 (see Blindenbacher and Nashat).

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